Starting dates & application deadlines
Entire 2-year course starts on:
  23 September 2013
Application deadline:
  31 August 2013

Thematic Areas 1 and 3 start on:
  23 September 2013
Application deadline:
  31 August 2013

Thematic Areas 2 and 4 start on:
  February 2014
Application deadline:
  31 August 2013

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Financial information

Tuition fees for the attendance of the course are the following:

  • 1300 € per year if entire Post Graduate Course is taken
  • 750 € per Thematic Area
  • 500 € per Module, if single Module(s) are attended


Students will additionally have to cover other expenses such as:

  • 150 € diploma nostrification (validation) fee for students who received their diplomas outside of Serbia. This fee is to be paid once the applicant has been successfully admitted to the EDUCATE programme.
  • 100 € EDUCATE! diploma issuance fee to be paid with Thematic Area 4 fees
  • 2x Travel expenses to Belgrade for the Introductory Session (extended weekend) at the beginning of the course and for Thesis defence at the end of the course (applicable to students following the entire postgraduate course)
  • 4x Travel and accommodation expenses to the nearest regional centre (Belgrade or Athens) during the 4 examination periods of 2 days duration
  • Additional personal expenses




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