Required certifications

Candidates for the postgraduate course need to provide the following hard copies of the following certifications. Each candidate needs to send these certifications to the Course Secretariat in Belgrade before the Application Deadline.

Academic Qualifications

Applicants who have obtained a first academic degree/diploma outside of Serbia must submit, for purposes of diploma nostrification (validation), the following:

Applicants who have obtained a first academic degree/diploma in Serbia must submit the following:

Personal Information

Please submit a copy of your birth certificate (original language is acceptable, no need for an English translation).

Proof of English proficiency

All candidates should demonstrate a good command of the English language since this is the teaching language of the postgraduate course. Students must make arrangements to take a standardised English language test well in advance of the start of their course and their places will not be confirmed prior to the submission of the acceptable test scores/results. More details on appropriate language tests and the minimum accepted scores can be found in Language Requirements.

Candidates need to provide the originals of the official scores of the standardised English language test they have undertaken.

Exceptions to the English language test will be applied to candidates who have completed their first degree or a postgraduate course in an English-language university.

Other Certifications

Hard copies of the following additional certifications may be needed according to the candidates' qualifications:

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