Starting dates & application deadlines
Entire 2-year course starts on:
  23 September 2013
Application deadline:
  31 August 2013

Thematic Areas 1 and 3 start on:
  23 September 2013
Application deadline:
  31 August 2013

Thematic Areas 2 and 4 start on:
  February 2014
Application deadline:
  31 August 2013

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Educate is an international e-learning postgraduate programme in Water Resources and Environmental Management organised by four leading Universities in the South-Eastern European region. The Consortium includes the National Technical University of Athens, the University of Belgrade, the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest and the University of Ljubljana.

The programme directly contributes to the development of sustainable solutions for environmental management and pollution abatement, by advocating to students a strategy that considers spatial development and its individual components in the context of sustainability. In addition to their academic work, students will develop a variety of learning skills and competencies, such as research, communication, and other professional skills, learn to orient themselves in European networks of academic institutions and elaborate on relevant career objectives and strategies.

The EDUCATE programme was first launched in 2007 as part of an INTERREG III B CADSES project and the course pilot year was completed successfully in August 2008.

The course is a flexible distance learning programme based on e-learning. All educational material, lectures and tutorials are developed in English. The Academic Programme is organised as a pedagogic continuum and includes four Thematic Areas and a research thesis. Students can follow the entire postgraduate course or alternatively they can follow selected course elements, such as Thematic Areas and/or Modules according to their needs.

Successful completion of the entire postgraduate course (2 years) leads to the award of the Specialist degree and the accompanying title of Academic Specialist in Environmental Engineering from the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Civil Engineering. The degree awarded by the University of Belgrade is recognised by the National Academic Recognition Information Center of Greece (D.O.A.T.A.P.). In case that only specific modules are selected students receive a certificate that includes the corresponding ECTS credits obtained upon successful completion of the selected modules.

The course is addressed to an international audience of graduates in Engineering, Natural and Applied Sciences. It is targeting recent university graduates and professionals from the public or private sector seeking specialisation in the field of Water Resources and Environmental Management. Successful candidates need to satisfy specific Admission Requirements set by the Educate Academic Board and follow the Application Procedure.




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